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  • Zen PALMAROSA Essential Oil
  • Zen PALMAROSA Essential Oil

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Zen PALMAROSA Essential Oil

$ 14.99


Latin Name:Cymbopogon Martini    Steam Distilled
Sourced from India

This essential oil is sometimes referred to as “the Indian Geranium” or “Turkish Geranium”. It has light rose-like scent which is delicate, but packs some great powers. These include helping to digest fat better, is an anti-inflammatory, bringing down fevers, respiratory help, preventing infections and improving skin.

Palmarosa contains a high amount of the component geraniol, which works as a natural bactericide and antiseptic. Geraniol is active against yeasts including Candida species (Lang and Buchbauer 2012).

In aromatherapy, Palmarosa is known to stabilize the heart, open up breath, calm the mind, restlessness, calm jealousy and support a sense of adaptability!

Palmarosa was included in the April ZEN BOX!


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