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Refreshing, Uplifting Bergamot Essential Oil

Posted on 02 May 2016


Bergamot has the fresh scent of a citrus fruit but it is sweeter and more subtle - it is not too over-stimulating and helps balance the mind.

Bergamot is known to help with grief or depression. It is a very nice scent to surround yourself in.  It was in fact treasured as a perfume in Napolean's day and is a key element in Earl Grey tea! It is said that Columbus brought Bergmot trees from the Canary Islands to Italy.


** Diffuse it, especially if you are looking for an uplifting pleasant environment, feel stressed or sad.  (Remember, when you diffuse it, you are also purifying the air of microbes.) You can also inhale it from the bottle, or use a personal portable inhaler like our new quality ones here:

** Bergamot has excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powers. In clinical tests, it was found to be especially effective against the bacteria in urinary tract infections.  Use it in a sitz bath if you have a UTI to help prevent spread of the bacterial infection.
Use it anywhere fungus might be lurking as well!

** Bergamot has anti-spasmodic qualities and is good to use if you have a cough - or restless leg syndrome!  Put some drops in your carrier oil or cream and massage on the legs (it's best to inhale for the cough.)

** It's an excellent analgesic!  Use it in a cold compress for a headache or sprain. Simply put several drops in a small bowl of water, swish your cloth or compress in it, wring and apply.

** Put 2-4 drops of Bergamot in half a gallon of water and wash your fruits and vegetables, to rid yourself of bacterial, pesticides and such.  Then rinse with water liberally and you are good to go!

There are so many other great ways to use Bergamot, but this gives you a taste. 


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